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One of the areas of the company "Business Senate" is engineering in a number of industries. 

"Business Senate" works with a wide range of industrial enterprises, including enterprises of metallurgical, petrochemical, metal and wood, machine tool industries, as well as plants for the production of low-voltage, high-voltage equipment and transformer substations and many others. 

Despite the huge difference in the specificity of production, the main challenges faced every day all manufacturers essentially the same: to provide spare parts, scheduled maintenance, replacement of worn or obsolete equipment, capacity expansion and more. Over the years we have accumulated a lot of experience in dealing with these problems and think that we can be useful to you in the following areas: 
  • acquisition of new industrial equipment, consumables, spare parts (made ​​in Ukraine and other countries of the world); 
  • implementation of delivery of purchased your equipment, consumables, spare parts and customs clearance. 
Also, together with your experts, we are committed to: 
  • an analysis of existing production and to develop a full project to modernize; 
  • develop technology for production (increase productivity and improve the quality of the product due to the introduction of new advanced technologies); 
  • organize new production based on TK and set by the shareholders goals.