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Horizontal boring machines

Brand: HNK
Made to order
Horizontal boring machines made HNK. 

HB-series (HB-110, HB-130S, HB-130, HB-130A, HB-130X, HB-150): 
HB series machine is ideal for precision and power for processing when boring and milling works. Headstock and table provide extensive processing capabilities, and high-accuracy dual spindle bearings ensure low thermal deformation and high precision machining. 

HB-130 C series - model with a combined table. 
HB-130 P series - a model with a flat table. 

HFB - series. 
Powerful, high-precision, horizontal boring machining center CNC floor type for heavy duty machining of large parts. Available on the machine spindle stabilization system sagging compensates thermal deformation and bending force, which ensures high accuracy in the processing details.
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