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Milling Machines

Brand: HNK
Made to order
Milling Machines made by HNK. 

HPM-series (HPM-30L, HPM-40L, HPM-45L, HPM-50L, HPM-60L): 
Dvustoechnye CNC machining centers are designed for a wide range of processing, including for heavy duty machining. Machining centers this series are equipped with different accessories, HPM-series allows performing operations in applications with a single installation. Due to its heavy-duty construction machine is most suitable for the treatment of the basic parts of diesel engines, power generators, and various products of steel production. 

HPM-H-series (HPM-15H, HPM-20H, HPM-25H, HPM-30H, HPM-35H, HPM-40H): 
This high-speed version of the HPM-series with a spindle speed of 6000 rev / min in the standard 
configuration (8000ob/min optional).
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