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Repair and modernization of machines.

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The main fleet of machinery equipment of the domestic industry in need of repair and modernization. Modernization - improving equipment upgrade, bringing it into line with the new requirements and standards, technical specifications, quality indicators. 
Modernization of machine tools will not only increase their reliability, but also improve performance, as well as significantly increase the volume and quality of production. 

Each project includes the renovation and modernization of the following steps: 
1 Fault detection units and parts of the machine specialists; 
2 Dismantling of the machine, the repair or replacement of defective and worn parts: 
       • Restoration of base surfaces (sanding, scraping); 
       • Repair or replacement of equipment hydraulic systems, lubrication and cooling systems; 
3 Installation of an electric machine; 
4 Commissioning. 

Restoring geometric accuracy of machine to passport characteristics: 
  1 Test machine at idle; 
  2 Computation of the test items; 
  3 Consultations future operators of the machine; 
  4 Development and production of a set of accompanying documentation: 
    - The operator's manual; 
    - Principle and installation electrical and hydraulic circuits; 
    - Drawings of new components and spare parts; 
    - Specification; 
  5 Release the machine into operation at the customer. 

Result of this work: 
  • Restoring passport characteristics; 
  • Giving new technological opportunities; 
  • Increase maintainability and reliability; 
  • Easier maintenance; 
  • Empowerment programming.
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