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Vertical lathes CNC

Brand: HNK
Made to order
NT-series (NT-10/12F, NT-12/16, NT-12/16F, NT-16/20, NT-16/20F, NT-20/25): 
Vertical lathes CNC series provides high speed and high precision turning any treatment program. Precision mechanism and sturdy construction ensures the basic details vayut low vibration even at high machine speeds of working feeds, while ensuring high machine performance and mechanical durability. 

VTC - series (NT-25/30, NT-30/40, NT-40/50, NT-50/60, NT-60/70, NT-100/160): 
VTC-series features a retractable milling and boring spindle and C axis (possibility of positioning the chuck-ing). This model allows not only turning, but also boring, milling, drilling, etc. A variety of capabilities of the machine helps to reduce production time and increase overall productivity.
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